Política de reembolso

If you’d like to return or exchange an item, get in touch with us by sending an email to contact@razzostudio.com.

Unfortunately we are unable to cover any shipping costs but will always refund the item itself upon receipt, provided it is returned unused and in one piece.

Please keep in mind that custom orders can’t be cancelled or returned.


Damaged Product? 🙁

Send us an email at contact@razzostudio.com within 3 days after receiving the damaged order. Include the following information in your email:

  • Order number
  • Pictures of the damaged products
  • Picture of the shipping box
  • Picture of the shipping label on the box

We ask you not to return any orders until you received a response from us. We’ll make sure to try our best to resolve this issue together.

How long does it take for my refund to get processed?

Credit card

In case the order was payed by credit card, it can take up to 14 days for the refund to show up on your credit card statement.


For orders payed trough PayPal, the following applies:

  • When payments are made using a bank account or PayPal balance, a refund will be credited to the PayPal balance.
  • Payments by credit card will be refunded to the credit card (it can take up to 30 days before you can see the refund on your credit card statement).
  • Payments via credit card and another payment method will be partially refunded to your credit card and partially to your PayPal balance.

For all other payment methods refunds are normally processed within 2 business days.