CLARK'S Stone & Concrete Wax

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Learn how to apply it: YouTube tutorial

CLARK’S Soapstone and Concrete finish is a thoughtful mix of carnauba wax, Beeswax and food grade mineral oil. This formula goes on easily, and maintains its consistency while being stored between uses.

Carnauba wax is much more expensive than standard beeswax which is why most of the other waxes on the market use little or none. This stiffer finish makes colors really pop and protects Jesmonite pieces with a water resistant coating that resists odors and unwanted liquids or juices. Plus it smells nice!

This wax has been specially formulated for soapstone, slate, concrete, unpolished marble or granite and basically any stone product that come in contact with food, making it the perfect sealer for Jesmonite pieces as well.

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